DIY: Scrabble Name Board


DIY: Scrabble Name Board

Well, I think its pretty darn cute. This past summer I was getting ready to move in with two of my friends and came across something similar on Pinterest. I didn’t want to attach wooden letters directly to the wall though, so I decided to make a little scrabble board on an old bulletin board we had just sitting out in our garage. Unfortunately, I didn’t take step by step photographs for this craft. But I still would love to share how I went about making it!


  • Board of some kind (Foam board, bulletin board, wooden board, etc)
  • Mod Podge
  • Computer and printer
  • Sharpie
  • Wooden squares (I got mine at Joanne’s for about $0.20 a piece!)
  • Paint (If you would like)
  • Fabric
  • Hot Glue Gun


First and foremost, find a board to put the letters on. The board you use will be a big determining factor in the size of the wood blocks you use for the letters.


Once you have your board, go out and buy how ever many wooden squares you need in order to make the names of the people you would like to scrabble together! I recommend you measure out the board and then do some math to figure out what size squares you need.


Using any old computer, pull up a word processor and type out the names of the people you will be printing. You can use any font you want, I used Times New Roman. Use a larger font. Again you will have to play around with the font size based on how large the squares you are using are. I printed a few letters out at a time and tried them out for size before printing them all out. Once you know what size font to use print out all of your letters!


And now here’s the pain in the butt part of it all. Which also, consequently, is the most time consuming part (in my experience). Now you will need to go and cut out each letter meticulously.


Now that you have all of the letters cut out, go ahead and mod podge each letter onto a wooden square. Do one coat of mod podge under the letters and one on top to make sure they really stick down to the wood.


So while you’re waiting for your letters/squares to dry you can go ahead and do what I did and paint the edges of your board if you have one. I painted the edges of my bulletin board white just to make it look newer and neater. If you don’t want to do that you can move on to the fabric part of the craft.


So depending on what kind of a board you have, or just personal preference, you may or may not want to cover your board with fabric. Since I had an old bulletin board that was pretty torn up and nasty, it was an easy choice to cover mine with fabric. I went out and got a little more than a yard of fabric (I was fine with having extra so I didn’t measure my board before hand). I then went ahead and laid the fabric of the board and put push pins into the edges to hold it in place. I then drew with a pencil around the edges of the parts I would be cutting off. After doing this I unpinned it and cut the excess fabric away.


Next, lay your fabric down on the bulletin board with the push pins again just to make sure it all fits. If it fits pretty tightly, not to worry, the hot glue will hold it pretty securely. Now what you need to do is go around the edges of the board and hot glue the fabric onto the board taking out the push pins as you go.


Now that you have the board complete, you’re ready to touch up your letters. As your probably now noticing, printer ink and mod podge don’t mix. At all. In fact, when you mod podge the letters on to the wooden squares, the ink will fade significantly. However, that my friends is what we’re about to fix with this step! This is where the sharpie comes in, as you may guess. Now just outline all of the letters in sharpie. This actually ends up looking nice and glossy and gives it a great finish!


AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST!! Finally lay out all of the wooden squares/letters on to the board in the arrangement you desire. When you have chosen an arrangement go ahead and hot glue each wooden square onto the board, make sure you leave the rest of the wooden squares/letters on the board to ensure proper spacing and arrangements.


Marvel at your crafty abilities and enjoy!!