DIY: Chalkboard Upgrade to Plastic Drawers

DIY: Chalkboard Upgrade to Plastic Drawers


So for this craft I had decided that the clear plastic stackable drawers chilling in my room were just not very attractive. If for no other reason than I wasn’t too psyched about the idea that my underwear was being stowed in a clear container for all to see! So for that reason, I started looking for ways to cover the drawers and make them cute! I saw lots of people using chalkboard paint to add flare to different items and thought to myself, maybe it would work for my drawers!

What you will need:

  • About a bottle and a half of chalkboard paint (You can make it yourself, look for the recipes on Pinterest!)
  • Chalk
  • Your Drawers
  • Foam Brushes


So first, to start off take out all of the drawers and lay them on some newspaper on the ground. Literally all you have to do now is use the foam brushes to paint the drawers. Here’s where the pain in the hiney comes in though. Since the surface you’re painting on is plastic, it will take MULTIPLE coats of paint to get a thorough cover. I ended up only painting the sides and front and left the insides and back unpainted. But that is really up to you which parts you want to paint!



After applying the first coat of paint, let it dry for about a half an hour to forty five minutes before applying the next coats of paint.


Once you have a nice, thick coat let it dry. Make sure there are no streaks or spots where you see plastic.



After the drawers are all fully dry and smooth, put them back in the frame and mark them up with your chalk!

CAUTION: Be VERY light with your chalk. If you press too hard, especially too soon, you will tear through the layers of paint and have to repaint that area.