Stop your acne once and for all!!!!



So this post is honestly coming from a pretty happy place today! The past few weeks I have been trying a skin care routine that honestly has been a miracle for my skin, so I felt like I had to share it.


Personal background, I have been the victim of moderate acne for about 5 or 6 years. Like everyone else, I feel like I’ve tried every possible drug store treatment out there. With almost every item, I would have about a week of relief where I would think “WOW, this stuff works!!”. But alas, another week or so went by and I was back to having acne all throughout my T-zone. About 3 or 4 years ago I finally tried Proactiv. And honestly, it was wonderful. With consistent and proper use, my skin was relatively clear. I still had a bit of acne, but it was by far the clearest my skin had ever been. But still, my skin was far from where I would have liked it to be which was CLEAR. Which brings me to this summer, when I finally discovered WHAT WORKS.


Everyone ready?


Disclaimer: There is NO acne routine that will work for every person because not everyone has the same type or severity of acne. BUT, THIS is what worked for me and continues to work for me.

The secret is plain and simple: MULTIPLE PLANS OF ATTACK. You can’t face your acne with one cleanser or one scrub or one lotion and expect your acne to clear up and have completely clear skin. It just doesn’t work that way. Think of your acne as what it basically is, bacteria. With repeated exposure to one treatment, bacteria will develop immunity to that treatment. However, combating it from multiple different angles with different kinds of treatments prevents the acne (bacteria) from developing immunity. Thus, YOUR ACNE CAN’T WIN.



Now again, these products are simply the products that I personally use and have found great success in fighting my acne. They MAY NOT work for everyone. But I highly recommend them as they have worked miracles for me in my struggle with acne. 

Something to keep in mind is the basic kinds of defenses you will need: a scrub, cleanser, toner, fading cream/lotion (if you have acne marks like me), masks, peel.

The products I use are:

  • Proactiv 3 Step System: Cleanser, Toner, and Lotion
  • Neutrogena Deep Clean Long-Last Cleanser/Mask
  • Clearasil Ultra Acne + Marks Wash and Mask
  • St. Ives Naturally Clear Apricot Scrub Blemish and Blackhead Control
  • Iman Time Control Skin Tone Evener
  • Porcelana Night Skin Lightening Cream
  • Skin Laboratory Salicylic Acid 20% Gel Peel


Now as far as routine goes, there isn’t a “routine”. Mix it up. Generally I use the Proactive 3 Step System and Iman Time Control Skin Tone Evener every morning. However, I mix up my products at night. Some nights I will use Proactiv again, but other nights I’ll use the St. Ives Scrub followed by the Peel then followed by the Iman Time Control Skin Tone Even and Porcelana Night Skin Lightening Cream. 

As far as both the masks go. Use them each about twice a week. If you feel like your skin has been more oily than normal, go for the Neutrogena mask designed to reduce shine. On the contrary, if your skins been doing well on shine, go for the Clearasil mark fading mask.

A little note on the peel, BE CAREFUL WITH THE PEEL. I know that sounds intimidating and I promise its not that bad, but DO NOT get it on your lips or inside your nose, or in your eyes. Just don’t. Second off, it will burn. It just will, its a peel here people. BUT, its not that bad. Its more of a sharp tingle if you ask me. And the more you use it, the more used to it you get. Also, do not use this in combination with the Proactiv 3 Step System, it will be far too drying for your skin. 

This post was more for informing you guys about products that I have found WORK, not for telling you how to use them. You know your skin better than I do, try out the products and gauge when you should use each of them. I feel confident that they will begin to work for you!



DIY: Turn a Corkboard into a Chalkboard!


Anybody else have an old corkboard lying around? Maybe its got some tears in it, dirty, old? Yeah. I had one of those too. So, if you can’t tell, I’m pretty obsessed with chalkboarding everything. I think its genius!!!! So as I was decorating my apartment, I decided I wanted a big ole chalkboard right in the middle of my hallway for us to write on! So instead of buying one, I decided I was going to find a way to turn my old, torn up corkboard into one!


  • A corkboard
  • Chalboard Paint
  • Foam Brushes
  • Putty Knife, Actual Knife, Anything really that you can scrape with
  • Chalk

1: First, what you want to do is lay  your corkboard on the ground and check it to see if there are any holes in the corkboard where you can see through to the bottom layer. If there are, this is where you will start the next step. If not, start at an edge or a corner.

2: Use your putty knife or scraping tool and dig into the cork layer. Under the cork is a smooth, hard surface that should be some kind of a brown color and have small little TINY TINY holes in it. Dig your scraping tool through the cork until you hit that layer. Then begin to scrape under the cork layer and across the top of the bottom layer. DON’T DIG DOWN after you’ve already gotten through the cork. You’ll just make holes if you do that and it won’t turn out quite as well.

3: Ya’ll, I won’t lie. This kind of took me awhile, but it was worth it for the finished product. But what you have to do is go through and scrape off the cork bit by bit. There will be parts where huge pieces will come off together, so it isn’t as bad as it sounds really!!

4: After you have scraped off your cork, run your hand across the top to make sure its nice and smooth. If it isn’t, use your scraper to scrape off any excess cork.

5: Take your chalkboard paint and foam brushes, and paint across the surface where the cork used to be!

6: Let it dry. It might take you two coats, but chalkboard paint is usually pretty thick and covers most surfaces easily. I used one coat and just touched up parts with a second coat.

7: If you want, you can do what I did and use another color of acrylic paint to paint the edges of your board!

8: ENJOY!! Chalk up your chalkboard!!!