Kick Depression In The Butt! (NO Meds Necessary!!!)

Self explanatory title. BUT ANYWHO. This post is something that has really been weighing on my mind the past few weeks so here it is. Like anyone else in the world, I have my ups and downs. I get depressed, manic, the whole nine yards. But the last few months, lets just say they were rough. My depression got pretty darn bad. There was a few points where I literally just didn’t feel like there was anything that would make it better, I felt hopeless. By the grace of God (literally), I was able to muster up enough energy and motivation to sit down and think through ways I could help myself out. So in the rest of this post I will explain to you the process I went through and let me tell you this – I am 150% happier, more energized, more hopeful than I have been in MONTHS. My hope is that this post will help you all achieve the same 🙂



So you know that little voice you have in the back of your mind when you’re depressed? The one that’s feeding your depression with comments like “you’re worthless”, “no one likes you”, “you’re too fat”, etc? I know I do. After thinking for a bit I realized that it was precisely the dominance of this voice in my head that was preventing me from moving past my depression. So as a result I pinpointed that as a target that needed to be destroyed.


Alright, so this next part is going to seem completely counterproductive. But I assure you, its necessary. What you’re going to need to do next is listen to that voice. Write down a list of all of the most prominent things your depression echos to you. For instance your list might look like:

-I’m ugly

-I have no friends

-I’m fat

At this point, I know you all are thinking “this chick is just trying to make us worse than we already are”. I know it seems like that, sorry! But here’s where it gets better! Take a look at the list of things you just wrote down. These are some of the things that are preventing you from moving forward. Now take that list and write down reasons WHY these things get you down. For example, using the list used above:

-I’m ugly –> Ugly hair, broken out skin

-I have no friends –> self explanatory

-I’m fat  –> Stomach pooch

NOW you’re all thinking..”this is supposed to be better?” I’m getting there! Take those explanations of why these things get you down and go through them individually. One at a time brainstorm ways you can overcome each of these things individually.

This. Is. The. Hard. Part. 

Trust me I know. When you’re suffering from depression its hard enough just to get out of bed, let alone enforce big changes in your own life. But that ounce of motivation you have in the back of your mind to overcome your depression, that’s the driving force that must be brought front and center in order to overcome this!

-I’m ugly –> Ugly hair, broken out skin —–> hair color, cut/derm appointment

-I have no friends –> self explanatory ——-> join a new club

-I’m fat  –> Stomach pooch ——> find an ab routine

FORCING yourself to carry through with these simple tasks will help you to resolve some of the things that are holding you back, one by one. The simple act of making this list and brainstorming ways to help yourself is EMPOWERING. 


Now, the age old question. How do you motivate yourself? Motivating yourself to do the things you need to do is hard enough when you’re not depressed. Trying to motivate yourself when you are, well its pretty difficult. But LUCKILY, it IS possible. For those of you that are Pinerest addicts (like myself) you’ve undoubtedly seen the little uplifting quotes they have on the quotes page. In passing they really just seem like oh how cute, and you carry on with your day right? In our case, wrong. WORDS ARE POWERFUL. Use them.

For myself, I selected about 10 different quotes that I found to be really inspiring and motivational every I read them. A few of mine were:Image



Just to demonstrate a few. After selecting these, I printed and cut them out. Then I picked a spot where I KNEW I would see them on a daily basis, multiple times a day. Where else for a girl to put them, but on the bathroom mirror. I lined the right side of my mirror with these quotes and forced myself to read at least one or two EVERY TIME I walked into my bathroom. Even though this seems like such a small gesture, the positive impact is unmistakable.


Yeah, if you’re like me you just read this header and said “Wellllllll crap”. TRUST ME, I am not a fan of working out at all. I am most likely one of the laziest people you would ever meet, as a result, exercise really was never a big part of my day. However, there is a reason doctors tell you to exercise at least a little every day. Not only will it keep you in shape, remove toxins from your body, and make you look snazzy, but they also can help drastically diminish symptoms of depression (and anxiety).

“I don’t believe you”

It’s fine you don’t have to. But believe science my friends! Working out is scientifically proven to boost the release of a chemical in the body called endorphins. If you’ve ever seen Legally Blonde, yall know what I’m talking about. Endorphins are chemicals that diminish your body’s perception of pain while simultaneously boosting mood, promoting positive outlook, boosting self confidence, and improving sleep patterns. In other words, exercise may be the best thing that has ever happened to you if you’re ready to be through with depression.


Humans, by nature, are creatures of habit. Once a habit is formed, it’s extremely difficult to break. Which is part of the reason depression is so hard to move past. We get into such a set routine of negativity and hopelessness that our depression is constantly fed. If we truly want to say goodbye to endless bouts of depression, the way to do it is through developing and maintaining positive habits. Habits like daily exercise, positive self talk, looking at motivational quotes, anything and everything that works for you in giving you a boost!

Good luck to all of you! Remember, there is NOTHING that you cannot overcome! God bless!


I would like to add that if any of you EVER feel like you need someone to talk to, someone that has been there and really knows what you’re going through. Feel free to email me at this contact: I will check that email everyday! More often if I get lots!

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