How To Make Ramen Vegetarian

So if you’re a vegetarian college student like me, you may or may not have noticed that one of the staple foods in any college diet is NOT vegetarian/vegan. Top Ramen, and almost any other instant noodle brand like it, comes with a block of noodles and a packet of seasoning. The noodles are completely vegetarian and free of animal products themselves, its the seasoning that will get you if you’re a vegetarian. In any of their flavors, the seasoning packet will contain some kind of beef/chicken/shrimp powder which is basically just a dry form of broth.                          Image

As a broke college student myself, I was pretty sad to realize these 10 cent meals wouldn’t cut it for me and other vegetarians. So I set out in search of a vegetarian substitute that would be close in cost. Though I found now already made substitutes, I discovered a way to use these Ramen in a way that was vegetarian.

By substituting Vegetarian Vegetable Bouillon for the seasoning packets they include in the packages, you can easily make ANY flavor of Ramen instantly vegetarian. And it tastes good!

Image WARNING: Don’t use more than a half a cube for each block of ramen unless you want a salty overdose.

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