DIY: Ribbon Quote Canvas


DIY: Ribbon Quote Canvas

I love this one. Not gonna lie! It turned out pretty cute! So for this one I had bought two canvases in a pack for a great deal and had no idea what to do with them! Then this idea came to me! So I thought I would share it.


  • Two canvases (A lot of places sell them in packs of two for a good deal)
  • Foam Brushes
  • Mod Podge
  • Printer
  • Scrapbook Paper (Go for a thinner paper)
  • Black Paint
  • White Paint (For touch ups)
  • Hot Glue
  • Ribbon
  • Staples (Optional, you can use hot glue for this part if you choose)
  • Straight edge cutter or scissors and a ruler


Find a quote! When you have your quote, type it out on Word and put it into the font you want! For this one you will have to play around with font sizes and perhaps print them a few times to get the right size! Split the quote into two parts, one part for the top canvas and one for the bottom canvas. Then go ahead and print them out when you have them finished!


Using your selected scrapbook paper, use a ruler to measure out how large of an area you want the scrapbook paper background to cover on the canvas. So looking at mine, how much of the patterned part do you want to cover the black essentially. Once you’ve measured, cut that portion of scrapbook paper out. (Remember you will need two of these the exact same size for each canvas)


Cut out your quote from the printer paper to fit the scrapbook paper the way you would like. My quote was slightly smaller than the scrapbook paper in order to have the scrapbook paper serve as a border to the quote.


Paint the black paint onto the canvases covering them thoroughly and completely. Let dry then paint a coat of mod podge on top, I used glossy but you can use matte if you would prefer.


Mod Podge the quote onto the scrapbook paper. Make sure its nice and straight and centered! Then mod podge the scrapbook paper onto the canvases centered on each! For this part, I found that the scrapbook paper I used was a bit thick so it lifted at the edges. If this happens to you, you can do what I did and use a hot glue gun to glue the edges down.



Once all of this is mod podged down, use mod podge to go over all of them and create a nice finish to it all.


Let it FULLY dry!!!! Then flip it over and lay out your ribbon leaving plenty of dangle room for it to hang! This is important, make sure it is 100% dry on the front, if not, it will stick to anything it touches and will probably ruin your work if it does.


When you have your ribbon laid out perfectly, either hot glue or staple the ribbon into the wooden edges of the canvas. Don’t skimp on staples, if you do it will hang awkwardly, make sure you use lots to ensure its hanging straight and firm!! And you’re done!

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