DIY: Lyrics on Canvases


DIY: Lyrics on Canvases

For this one I was inspired by a similar craft I saw on Pinterest (Pinterest is the bomb yall). Anyway, the one I saw was awesome, but wasn’t exactly what I wanted and used wooden blocks instead of canvases. I wanted canvases so here it is!


  • Pack of canvases (Mine came in a pack of nine 4 by 4 canvases)
  • Black paint
  • Mod Podge
  • Foam Brushes
  • Adobe Illustrator (Or some insane formatting skills with word)
  • Printer
  • Straight edge cutter or steady hands with scissors


So first off, go ahead and paint the edges of each canvas with black paint. You will most likely have to use two or three layers to get a good cover.


Once dry, mod podge the edges of the canvases to give the black a nice finish. Next go ahead and pick out a song, I used We Are Young by Fun. 


Using Adobe Illustrator, create 9 artboards having all of them touching but not overlapping. Size all of the artboards so each is slightly smaller in width and length than the canvases you are using. On word, copy and past the lyrics and format them so the font is what you would like. I varied the fonts throughout the lyrics. Then place the lyrics onto the artboards on Adobe Illustrator. Format them and size them so that they fit well enough that nothing will be cut off at the bottom. Its fine if some of the letters or words get cut off at the edges of the spaces between canvases.


Print the artboards out having one on each page to avoid them being cut off. Cut out each meticulously. Once cut, mod podge each onto a canvas. Let dry, then layer mod podge on top to finish.



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