DIY: Mod Podge Frame

DIY: Mod Podge Frame

December 16, 2012



A few months back I decided I really wanted a zebra print frame (kind of zebra print obsession), but couldn’t find a reasonably priced one. So, I decided to make my own!

What you will need:

  • Cheap, wooden frame (I got mine from Michael’s for a few dollars)
  • Mod Podge (Before buying it, look into making your own. There’s great DIYs on Pinterest. Much cheaper than buying it)
  • Foam Brushes
  • Scissors (I used a straight edged paper cutter, which I highly recommend-super useful)
  • Ruler
  • Selected scrapbook paper or tissue paper
  • Wooden letters or words (If you would like, I chose to but obviously its up to you)
  • Glue gun (If you would like to use the letters/words)
  • Your choice of paint color



So whenever you’re ready to start, your first step will be to measure the edges of your frame both in length and width (The edges where you want the paper). Once you have measured the edges, you can then cut the paper to the corresponding size. I then laid my pieces of paper out on the frame to make sure they were all the right size.



When you have all of your pieces measured and cut out, then you’re ready to mod podge them on to the frame. I used one coat under the strips of paper and then laid another coat of mod podge of top to give it a finish and secure it. Smooth out any bubbles as best as you can while you go along. There will most likely still be some bubbles when you’re done mod podging though. Don’t worry, most if not all of them will go away when it dries.




The next step after you have your pieces mod podged onto the frame is to paint the sides of the frame or, in other words, the pieces where you still see wood. I used black paint to go along with the zebra theme, but again its up to you and your theme. This step is a little controversial for me almost. While I was doing it, I kind of wondered if it would have been easier to paint before I mod podged, but again thats up to your discretion. Just be careful not to paint your pieces if you do this step after mod podging.



Well, really you could probably combine this step with Step Three. BUT ANYWHO! So for this step I set aside my frame and started painting my words. Pretty straight forward, just painted a few coats of black onto the words and made sure to get into all the nooks and crannies! So let that dry, then once its dry I recommend going over the painted words/letters with a thin layer of mod podge to give it a finished look!


STEP FIVE (optional)

ALMOST THERE! So by this point I had everything painted and mod podged. Finally, I went ahead and arranged my words onto the frame where I wanted them. Then completed the final step in hot gluing them onto the frame! Warning: Make sure to use PLENTY of hot glue if you’re doing this step, or they won’t stay on.


Finish it off by putting some pictchas in there and you have yourself a cute DIY frame that costs FAR less than buying a similar frame!!

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